May 2016 issue of the Transformations newsletter


Timely filing: How can it help you?
To help prevent claim denials due to timely filing, it is important to be familiar with Cigna's timely filing guidelines. Learn more about filing tips and access the guidelines.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Tips for filing claims
Cigna Employee Assistance Program (EAP) customers often use their EAP benefits as a first step to accessing mental health and substance use services. However, when services are billed under a customer’s behavioral health benefit, it can result in a claims error. Learn more about submitting EAP claims correctly.

CAQH ProView webinar training
The Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare (CAQH) offers webinar trainings to help familiarize practice managers and providers with CAQH ProView. Registration is now open for spring/summer sessions. Learn more about upcoming sessions.

Autism: T-codes and more
In July 2015, Cigna adopted the new Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) treatment billing codes proposed by the American Medical Association. As a result, practitioners who provide ABA services transitioned from using H-codes to using T-codes. To continue to help ease your administrative burden during this time, learn more about helpful billing tips.

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