Provider Enrollment

Thank you for your interest in Center Care. Your participation in our network is vital to providing comprehensive network options for our clients and members. To better meet the needs of providers, we are pleased to offer convenient online enrollment.

Step 1:

For enrollment with our network, there is necessary supporting documentation that must be received. Please review the required documentation, as applicable to your practice.  You will have an opportunity to upload the necessary supporting documents in Step 2. 

Note: Missing supporting documentation may result in the resubmission of the provider’s application and/or delay in provider’s effective date for participation.

Step 2:

Enroll with the network. Enrollment Resources

Please note – if the provider has more than two (2) alternate site locations OR if multiple providers are to be enrolled in one submission, click here to be redirected to our Roster Submission page.. If the provider does not have more than two (2) alternate site locations, please choose the appropriate option below.