Which payors access the Center Care network?

Click here to view a listing of the payors that currently access the Center Care network.   

I do not have a Center Care contract. How do I join the Center Care network?

Complete and submit a pre-application. Upon receipt, your request will be reviewed for eligibility and a Center Care representative will contact you.

I already have a Center Care contract. How do I enroll a new provider?

Complete and submit the required Provider Enrollment Form.  Upon receipt, your request for participation will be reviewed for eligibility, and you will receive feedback from Center Care regarding the status of your application. 

My application was returned as “incomplete.” What do I do now?

Review the description of the insufficient or missing items as provided by Center Care and follow any instructions given regarding the resubmission of your application. Should you have questions, please contact us at (270) 745-1517 or (800) 972-7038 or email us at enrollment@centercare.com

I do not have a CAQH ID number or application. How do I obtain a CAQH ID or application?

Providers can self-register with CAQH ProView by clicking on “Register” on the CAQH ProView login page. By self-registering with the system, a provider will obtain a CAQH Provider ID number.

I am a hospital-based provider. How do I enroll with Center Care?

Complete and submit the required Hospital Based Provider Enrollment materials.

I submitted my application – now what?

The provider’s file will be reviewed by Center Care and then submitted to either the Credentialing department or our Provider Data Integrity department, depending on necessity. Pending successful review of your application, your information will be processed in our system and sent to the applicable payors. 

I recently submitted my Enrollment application, but have not yet received a reply from Center Care confirming the receipt thereof. How do I check the status of this?

Please click here to use our CREDENTIALING STATUS INQUIRY TOOL. You may also complete and submit the General Inquiry form. Please enter your contact information and indicate that your inquiry is regarding Enrollment. In the Comments/Question section, provide a description of your inquiry.  Upon receipt of this information, you will be contacted by a Center Care representative.

I have not yet received my Center Care Welcome Letter. Can I check the status of this?

Please click here to use our